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  • 10/2/19 New Catalog for Steely, Patavium and Pixel-up Entry panels

Click Here to download catalog

Free Registration for the ISC East 2019 Show available by clicking the banner below

  • 8/28/19 Pixel Firmware update allows Customized Logos or Instructions to the LCD Display

Add Logos to a Pixel LCD Panel Click Here

Add Customized Instructions to a Pixel LCD Panel Click Here

  • 8/26/19 Steely and Patavium Panel introduction

For Patavium Panel info Click Here

For Steely Panel info Click Here

  • 05/01/19 New Tab Video-intercom Station Catalog

The complete offering of all Elvox Video Stations Click Here

  • 04-25-19 The 8879 has been upgraded to the 8879.1.

Easier to program …Magnetic hookswitch. Click here for the 8879.1 manual