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MIEG Corporation proudly distributes Elvox Door Entry in the USA and Canada

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ED1200-1283    Stainless Steel Digibus Audio Entry Panel with Pushbuttons

ED1200-1285    Stainless Steel Digibus AV Entry Panel with Pushbuttons

ED1200-13F7    Stainless Steel 2Wire AV Entry Panel with Keypad

ED1282             Digibus Audio Entry Panel

ED40510          2 Wire Plus Switchboard

ED5721            3.5" Color open voice monitor with lighted touch controls

ED6158T          Door Alarm Module For Digibus System 6204 Handsets

ED6200            5 Wire Tone Handset

ED6201            1+1 Wire Tone Handset

ED6204            DigiBus Handset

ED6209            2Wire System Handset

ED620R            5 Wire Buzzer Handset

ED6341            3.5" Monochrome Monitor with Handset for Sound System

ED6354            3.5" Color Monitor with Handset for DigiBus System

ED6680/C17    Power Supply/Amplifier For Video Sound Sytem

ED6922.1            Power Supply For 2Wire System

ED692D            4 Port Distributor for 2Wire System

ED692S            Separator For 2Wire System

ED6931            Speaker/Mic For 2Wire System

ED6941            Power Supply For DigiBus System

ED6949            Multi-function Switch/Isolator For DigiBus System

ED69DM            2Wire to DigiBus Converter 

ED6C59            2 Button Adder/Input Module for 6204

ED7509            2 Wire handset with lighted touch controls

ED7549            4.3" Color handset monitor with lighted touch controls

ED7539            3.5" Color open voice monitor with lighted touch controls

ED8870            5 Wire Buzzer Handset

ED8871            5 Wire Buzzer Handset Squeeze Hookswitch

ED8872            5 Wire Tone Handset Squeeze Hookswitch

ED8873            1+1 Wire Handset with Privacy

ED8875            5 Wire Tone Handset

ED8877            1+1 Wire Handset

ED8879            2Wire System Handset

ED887B            DigiBus System Handset

ED894M            Analog to DigiBus Entry Panel Converter

ED930A            Speaker/Mic For Sound System

ED930D            Speaker/Mic For 1+1 System

ED931A/C17     Power Supply For 5 Wire Sound System

ED945B            DigiBus Switchboard Concierge Station

ED945F/T        2wire Switchboard Concierge Station

ED94CD/USB    DigiBus Software Based Switchboard Concierge Station