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Stainless Steel


Vimar - 40405 - Pixel Up entrance panel 2F+ stainl.steel


  •  3 mm thick panel (11 gauge)

  • 5 mm poly-carbonate LCD screen protection

  • Back-lit Stainless Steel Keys with Braille markings

  • IK08 impact resistance

  • IP54 egress protection from water/dust

  • Flush or Surface mount (accessory Surface box with rain hood)

  • Tamper proof mounting screws

  • HDR Camera

  • Large capacity (6400 name Alphanumeric Directory)

  • Keyed Access Control

  • Directory, Keyed Access and Panel Parameters can be edited from keypad.

The Pixel Up is a new panel constructed with AISI 316 3mm (11 gauge)brushed stainless steel finish.

Pixel UP includes an alphanumeric keyboard with stainless steel keys and a color LCD screen protected by 5 mm poly-carbonate glass providing IP54 egress protection and IK08 impact resistance.

The panel is shipped with the flush mounting box. The cover plate is affixed with special tamper-proof screws.

The integral extra sensitive HDR camera allows you to see even in areas with low brightness. The intensity of the LED used for lighting the camera is auto-adjusting according to the environmental light ensuring optimal visibility of the caller and the surrounding area.

The high performance LCD directory display features high-contrast colors, a wide viewing angle and back-lighting that allow easy reading of information, even in high brightness. It has a 5 mm thick poly carbonate screen protector.

The sturdy keypad has back lit stainless steel keys with large characters and symbols, can also be utilized by visually impaired people with the included braille makings.

The panel can handle up to 6,400 names. It allows you to make a call by browsing the directory or selecting the apartment.


40405 Stainless Steel Panel.
Color video entrance panel with keypad, display and electronic directory (ref. 40405), 6,400 internal units, complete with metal flush mounting box.

40430 Flush back box only
Flush mounting box in galvanized sheet metal for Pixel Up 40505 panel.

40440 Surface back box only
Surface mounting box in AISI 316 stainless steel with rain hood frame for Pixel Up 40405 panel



Now one catalog has all the latest and greatest 2Wire products and information including:

Pixel Heavy

As well as all the other parts and pieces need for a complete 2Wire System.

Easy, informative wiring information, specifications, application illustrations, and photos

All new 7" monitor kits are in stock for immediate delivery

Download Kit Catalog

asic 7" Kits
1 and 2 family kits

dvanced 7" Kits
1 and 2 family kits with touchscreen, photo and AV memory

Designed to meet the technical and budgetary needs of any 1 or 2 family/office configuration.
Interchangeable parts make configuration and inventory a breeze.
Basic Feature Kits
Internal 7" Monitor Station
  • Surface wall mounted
  • 7” display 800x420
  • Touch buttons
  • On Screen Display
  • Apartment Intercom (all call)
  • Compatible with advanced stations
  • 6 call tone melodies
  • Color, brightness and contrast controls
  • Half duplex
External Entry Camera Station
  • Surface wall mounted
  • Camera: 1000 TVL
  • Wide Angle 120°H – 80°V
  • 12V momentary lock output
  • Lock relay NO/NC
  • Adjustable lock relay time from .5 to 10 seconds
  • IP44 IK07
  • Input for analog CCTV camera
  • Back-lighted name card
  • Integrated 
rain hood
K40910 Basic 1 to 1 system
K40911 Basic 2 family system
K40912 Additional 7" indoor station (max 3 per apartment)
40920.P1 Additional 1 button outdoor station (max 2 per system)
40920.P2 Additional 2 button outdoor station (max 2 per system)
Avanced Feature Kits
Internal 7" Monitor Station
  • Full capacitive Touchscreen
  • 8 languages GUI
  • Slot for SD card (for Video memory)
  • Apartment Intercom (selective 1 to 1 and all call)
  • Compatible with basic indoor stations
  • Pictures from entry panel (100 images with internal memory, 1000 images with SD card)
  • Audio/Video recording (up to 128) with SD card 
  • Surface wall mounted
  • 7” display 800x420
  • On Screen Display
  • Compatible with standard stations
  • 6 call tone melodies
  • Color, brightness and contrast controls
  • Half duplex
External Entry Camera Station
  • Surface wall mounted
  • Camera: 1000 TVL
  • Wide Angle 120°H – 80°V
  • 12V momentary lock output
  • Lock relay NO/NC
  • Adjustable lock relay time from .5 to 10 seconds
  • IP44 IK07
  • Input for analog CCTV camera
  • Back-lighted name card
  • Integrated rain hood

K40915 Advanced 1 to 1 system
K40916 Advanced 2 Familly system
K40917 Additional 7" touchscreen indoor station (max 3 per apartment)
K40912 Additional 7" standard indoor station (max 3 per apartment)
40920.P1 Additional 1 button outdoor station (max 2 per system)
40920.P2 Additional 2 button outdoor station (max 2 per system)



Simple Installion - 2 Wires

Connect up to 3 Smart Phones or Tablets to answer your door from anywhere.

Android and/or IOS

Watch introductary video
  • 7" Screen
  • Open Voice Hands free Communication
  • Hearing aid T-Coil compatible
  • Alert Call
  • Scrolling Menu with capacitive keypad

TAB7 S adds:
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Built in WI-FI
  • Smartphone/Tablet integration
  • Video answering machine
  • Streaming of CCTV cameras
  • Audio calling from smartphone to TAB7 S intercom station
New TAB 7 Video Door Entryphones
Sophisticated design, new functions and connected technology on a 7” display
Inspired by the light and essential design of the Tab series, the new  TAB 7 and TAB 7Svideo door entryphones have a low profile and an elegant, essential design that blends into any living style. The attractive glass finish comes in two classic colors, black and white, enriched with a brilliant gloss transparent finish..
Both models are available with 2Wire Plus and IP technology.

Included are a capacitive keyboard, large  7” color LCD monitor with 800 x 480 pixel image resolution and a large speaker with crystal clear sound. The TAB 7 and TAB 7S can easily be installed in any new or existing Elvox video door entry systems with 2Wire Plus technology.
Featuring all the standard functions (call answering, gate and door opening, intercom calls and lighting), the  TAB 7S  with  built-in Wi-Fi  and the  Video Door App also allows these functions can also be accessed fromsmartphones and tablets . You can manage all your calls in total freedom, with a simple touch on your mobile device, even when you're not at home.

The new    TAB 7S video entryphone also has an immediate and sensitive  touch display , used to manage all commands with a simple touch.
This sophisticated and intuitive distinguishing technology can also be used to send and receive text messages to and from other video entryphones installed in the building, monitor video surveillance cameras and access a video-answering service. With all the certainty and stylistic elegance you expect from products Made in Italy .
TAB 7 and TAB 7S are the ideal solution for both small and large systems. Cutting-edge technological products blending the uncompromising quality you expect from Elvox, and the style that has made Italy famous around the world.
  • TAB7 Basic 7" monitor white 2Wire
  • TAB 7 Basic 7" monitor Black 2Wire
  • TAB7 S Advanced model with WI-FI and smartphone integration white 2Wire
  • TAB7 S Advanced model with WI-FI and smartphone integration black 2Wire

2 Wire Switchboard


The 40510 switchboard offers the following functions:

  • Making and receiving audio calls with the indoor units

  • Receiving audio/video calls from the Entry Panels

  • Implementing automatic self-starts from the Entry Panels

  • Forwarding Entry Panel calls to indoor units

  • Calling another switchboard

  • Managing alert from indoor units

  • Managing Entry Panel locks, stair lights and system relays

  • Activating CCTV cameras for monitoring purposes

  • Logging calls, alerts and activations.

  • Management of Complex Systems

  • Automatic times management of operation Day/Night  operation

  • Internal/External interception of calls

Click for 40510 Manual 


Pixel Heavy Modular Entry Panels


Pixel Heavy. Strength meets design

Welcome to Pixel Heavy vandalproof entry panel. With the same minimal lines and rounded corners of the whole Pixel series, the new robust Elvox video door entrance panel stands out for its great strength.



Available in a sable grey finish, with die-cast aluminiumun  frame and Zamak front modules,  it boasts protection ratings of IK10 and  IP54  making it both weather and impact resistant and also ideal for installation in salt environments.



Like Pixel, Pixel Heavy can also be used to create different combinations to suit every need. Its flexible development starting from one, two or three modules vertically, can also be used to create three horizontal rows, with combinations of up to nine modules.



It is modular with Due Fili Plus audio, audio/video, wide-angle audio/video electronic units, with 3.5" LCD color display and alphanumeric keyboard. This modularity means that the entrance panel can be expanded to fit up to a maximum of 84 push buttons, satisfying any installation need.



Pixel Heavy can be installed in both special stainless steel tear-proof flush mounting boxes and normal flush mounting boxes in the Pixel series, 8000, 1200, 1300.


New Pixel Modular Entry Panels


Vimar videocitofonia targhe Pixel EN

Click above photo to see Pixel Video


Modulo audio video

Diverse combinazioni di tasti


The new Pixel Elvox modular entrance panel has a slim, modern design. It is elegant, in a range of colors, and versatile due to it's modularity.

With its minimal lines and rounded corners - in harmony with every style, offering innovative solutions for any habitat - the new Pixel entrance panel comes in four color finishes in the standard version – grey, black, anodized grey and white - and one finish – sable grey - in the Heavy version. The Heavy Version, with a die  cast aluminium frame and zamak front panel, not only guarantees the ingress protection rating IP54 of the standard version but is also impact resistant protection rating of IK10.

Pixel has elegant lines with an innovative technological heart. A heart that comes through loud and clear in the audio or audio/video module and the 3.5" color LCD display  which, with an 80° horizontal viewing angle, ensures excellent reading even in backlit conditions. 

With incorporated hearing aid Tcoil function and expandabilty to four buttons, the audio/video module is a turnkey product for installations in small residential settings. It is also the heart of the entrance panel, and can be expanded as you wish by adding expansion modules or a display module to suit your installation requirements. It also has a wide angle lens camera with 525 TVL resolution.  A lighting LED that self-adjusts according to external brightness making the person at the door clearly visible, without glare for them or you. The audio system self adjusts with background noise and has a special feedback elimination circuit.

With Pixel installation versatility is guaranteed, thanks to the expansion modules that are available in different versions: with alphanumeric keyboard, different types of rocker and axial buttons, bio-metric sensor or transponder,  Pixel becomes a dynamic solution, as it is able to create any composition you require.

The new Elvox entrance panel can be used to create different combinations according to need. Starting from one, two or three vertical modules, you can create up to three rows horizontally, in a composition of nine modules.

And starting from a single audio/video module, you can expand your entrance panel up to a maximum of 84 buttons, satisfying even the greatest installation needs.

Designed to ensure quick, functional installation, Pixel can be maintained from the front, without having to remove the panel. Special hinges support the modules even when they are open, so you can work with your hands free.

And once the panel is installed - quickly and easily thanks to the special stainless steel screws locked into the front panels – the 180° front opening offers quick access to the electronic units and name cards, for ordinary maintenance, without having to remove the whole panel.

A Mini-USB plug on the front is used to connect a pc for configuration via the Save-Prog software.

With Pixel everything is managed perfectly, right down to the finest detail. For example, the boxes have reinforced side walls to prevent them from bending during installation, and every frame is supplied as standard stainless steel screws, guaranteeing fast screwing, strength and a firm hold even at greater depths.

Developed with Due Fili Plus technology, the new Pixel modular entrance panel is able to manage up to 6400 internal units and is also compatible with the 1200, 1300 and 8000 series flush-mounted boxes. To offer technologically advanced design solutions even in the simplest restructuring projects, without any additional masonry work

Only 14 mm deep and 100 mm wide, Pixel is the ideal solution for installations even in confined spaces.


Click here for product catalog



New TAB Free model 7539


The new TAB Free speakerphone video door entry unit embraces all the technological and style features of the TAB range, with an extra dash of practicality. Because in
addition to the ultra-thin, contemporary design, capacitive keypad and color display you’ll have the pleasure of communicating freely, without using the handset.

Inspired by the light and understated aesthetic so characteristic of the very
latest technological devices, Tab video door entry systems are compact,
with soft lines that diminish corners and melt into a smooth surface.

Inspired by optimum slimness: the device is simply placed on a mounting bracket to create a subtle “suspended” effect that emphasises its design and finish, as well as its
ultra-thin profile, just 1" (2.6 cm)

Click for Tab Catalog        Click for 7539 Manual    Click for Tab Video




TAB video door entry system

Thin, compact and modern. This is TAB, the new video door entry system from Elvox: a real concentration of elegance and technology.

The new video door entry system - the thinnest product of its kind currently available features simple and elegant lines which enhance its flat profile.
Severe but not square, minimal but not harsh, the truly unique design of TAB is enhanced by the special "glass effect" with its intriguing transparent themes.
Available in both white and black to complement even the most demanding interior design trends, TAB has a 4.3" color display and an innovative keypad featuring capacitive technology that means the various commands can be activated simply by touching the soft action buttons, which are backlit with LEDs. Sound and light indications confirm activation.

In addition to the four standard functions, other fucntions can be activated such as:

  • self-start,
  • stair light activation
  • bell muting
  • intercom calls,
  • the opening of other doors,
  • elevator control
  • activation of access control systems

Different options to offer guests a warm welcome and manage access to the home in a simple, intuitive manner.

Optionally, the TAB video door entry system is able to communicate with hearing aids telephone coils

Click for Tab Catalog        Click for 7549 Manual        Click for Tab Video

Interphones 6900 Series


The 6900 series is a range of hands-free interphones offering extremely practical operation thanks to the Hands-Free function, which means that calls can be answered without the use of buttons: this feature is particularly useful for disabled people.

Four buttons are dedicated to the main video door entry system functions: door opening, auto-activation, auxiliary services (stair light), conversation.The internal audio volume and chime volume can be adjusted, and various call tones selected. The chime can be silenced by activating the "privacy" function.

The thin and extremely compact 6900 series interphones can be wall mounted with screws and wall plugs or by using standard single gang boxes.

Two-Wire versions art. 6901 and 6901/D also have the following auxiliary functions:

  • door open signal via a green LED- up to six auxiliary functions or intercommunicating calls
  • "unanswered calls" indication when chimes are silenced, via an intermittent red LED
  • different chimes to identify the origin of the call (external entrance panel, hallway, intercom).

Art. 6901/D is supplied with an integrated audio device, which makes it ideal for people with hearing aides with a Telephone Coil.

Two-Wire art. 6901
Dual channel hands-free interphone with Two-Wire technology

Two-Wire art. 6901/D
Dual channel hands-free interphone with Two-Wire technology and assistance for people with hearing aides with a Telephone Coil.

Sound System art. 6900
Dual channel hands-free interphone with Sound System technology
Two-Wire art. 6901/D is designed for use by people with hearing aids.

Click for 6900-6901 Catalog        Click for 6901 Manual








From its inception, Elvox has been totally committed to continuous innovation, quality and reliability. Now, having successfully combined over half a century of experience, in-depth expertise and cutting edge technology, Elvox is the international leader in video and audio door entry systems. Elvox is also a benchmark producer of automatic gate, telephone and CCTV systems. With a 270,000 sqft production site built to stringent criteria regarding technical equipment, output capacity, warehouse management and human resource organization, Elvox is able to offer its latest generation of products and systems to provide excellent communication solutions to users in all parts of the world.

Where design meets

Elvox has used the finest techniques of Italian design manufacturing in order to make "communicating in style" appear simple. Dedicated design departments are assigned to the tasks of generating new ideas, producing innovative designs and applying these to product engineering. In doing so, every effort is made to accommodate the needs and expectations both of installers and above all, of end users. As a result of this, Elvox is able to produce stylish, practical products that are both attractive and easy to use. Highly functional designs are perfectly matched with trend setting contours
using the latest materials and finishes. Modern ideas honed to reflect contemporary tastes provide an appealing exterior enclosing a high performance technical core.

We produce

Total quality is our number one priority: Elvox strives to attain the highest
standards in every process, from the organization of personnel and the selection of materials, to the use of the best machinery and the prioritization of research and development activities. With a view to achieving perfect results every time, Elvox has also invested in a modern
laboratory with cutting-edge instrumentation. This facility allows for precise product testing, thus guaranteeing the market with solutions that
comply with the most stringent quality, safety and reliability standards.
In line with this philosophy, Elvox has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000
for its quality management system, in addition all the most important national and international certifications required by the sector.